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Mindset matters

Think more. Play more. Have more fun.

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Things I'm passionate about

With more than 20 years professional experience, first as a technical tester in the software development industry, then as Quality Manager, Project Manager and Process Owner, Karin is an all-rounder who specializes in helping teams get unstuck and develop an agile mindset.

She believes in efficiency through fun implementing lean and agile processes with engaging and colloborative games. Her goal is to create more happy, healthy and productive workplaces.

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Agile & Lean methodologies


Coaching & Facilitation


User Experience Design & Gamification


An agile mind is a flexible mind.
An agile workplace is a connected and productive workplace.
An agile product or service is one that augments the experience of life.

Want to be more agile?

Karin Dames


Karin Dames

The story of becoming me.

Learning how to learn

Studied Computer Science during the day, but learned more about business and life from being chairman of the local rag committee - a charity responsible for a range of different projects to uplift and empower the young, old and disadvantaged. 

The wisdom I discovered - words don't teach.

Understanding systems

My career started as a software and systems tester, learning all the technical and business aspects that make a good software tester.  Quickly moved  to test management, business analysis and project management. 

The wisdom I discovered - it's very black and white and essentially it all boils down to 1's and 0's.  Complexity is not the same as complicated.

Learning to lead

Expanding my knowledge of testing to process improvement and customer focus, while learning to lead and failing often. A love for productivity and process is born.

The wisdom I discovered - be the person you needed and authenticity trumps skill.  Give a damn.

Learning to play

Discovered the work of design thinking and games, which started my journey down the rabbit hole.  First studying gamestorming and agile games, then gamification and finally game design.

The wisdom I discovered - fun is a feeling, not a recipe to follow. The prerequisite for productive play is a safe environment.

Learning to teach

What's the purpose of having a skill if you can't use it?  Developed my facilitation and coaching skills.  Studying a bit of psychology and human behavior, with a big emphasis on habits and building healthy habits.

The wisdom I discovered - it's all about them and meeting their needs.  

Communicating visually

Words don't teach.  So what does?  Exploring the world of visual commnication including a stop at graphic design, drawing comics and visual communication in general.

The wisdom I discovered - words don't teach. confirmed.

Sold on Startups

More and more curious about startups and the world of entrepreneurship, spending my current chapter of life to explore what it takes to be part of a successful startup.

The wisdom I discovered - feedback is more important than progress.

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