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calling all supereroes
Calling all superheroes. 


Only you can save mankind.

48 hours to change the world

Join more than 100 cities across the globe prototype services inspired by a global theme.


The world's biggest collaborative event for service design.  With more than 100 cities worldwide joining for 48 hours to experiment, innovate and co-operate to develop completely new products and services inspired by a shared theme.

Seasoned designers and newbies alike are all welcome.  As long as you want have big dreams and a lot of passion to fuel it, or a desire to learn, you're welcome.

At the end of the jam new insights and prototypes will be published to the world.


Learn new techniques, have fun and make friends while inspiring global change.

If you want to do something that matters and change the world or just connect with a community of design-thinkers and problem solvers, the global service jam is a fun and free event for change makers and rule breakers. 


Come join the world´s biggest design focused innovation event in Cape Town on 20th to 22th of March 2020.

Invest 48 hours in learning, having fun and making new friends at the global service jam.

The event kicks off from 17.00 with the global theme announced at around 18.00 where after the teams will start jamming until Sunday (with some sleep and a lot of fun in between).



City bowel Cape Town, South Africa

(Venue to be finalized, either Woodstock, Foreshore or the Waterfront).


+27 (0) 66 380 0778


Working Hours:

Weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00.

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