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Want to be better?

Be better.  Think better. Do better.

UX Audit

$1, 500

How useful and engaging is your offering?  Helping you see the forest from the trees with an in-depth look at your digital footprint.

Includes evaluating the usability, content, performance, accessibility, SEO, social media, branding and improvement suggestions based on current trends and technology available.

Lead time 1 - 2 weeks.

Agile Audit

Per quote

How agile are you really? What do you need?  A holistic organizational assessment to determine the level of agility within the organization and a report with a strategy to reach the next level.

Includes a productivity assessment, level of responsibility and motivation within the team and ability to deliver value.

Design sprint

$2, 000

Need an MVP, fast?  A standard 5 day workshop - the Google way - to take you through discovery, ideation and validation in just one week.  The workshop helps you think more innovatively and original with simpe creative thinking techniques, evaluate the feasibility and viability with  a business model canvas and at the end of the 5 days you will have a sprint backlog and plan ready to start your first sprint.

Don't have 5 days?  Invest in a nano sprint compacting the 5 day sprint into a single day. 

Agile coaching

Per quote

Need some guidance to help you fly?  A long-term relationship to help your team build healthier habits and deliver more, reliably.  A combination of one-on-one, peer and team coaching, mentoring, and facitator to ensure your team stays on track and solving the right problems.

Personal coaching (1 hour sessions)


What to be better?  Following the GROW coaching model, a one-on-one session to help provide a different perspective on a problem, may it be a personal issue at home or a technical challenge professionally.

Custom workshop (4 hours)


Need help getting unstuck?  Gamestorming is a selection of design thinking games to help get you unstuck in a team setting. A bespoke workshop or on-site (or virtual) consultation designed for your specific needs.

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