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Work better, together.

Bring out the magic with cross-functional whole-team workshops and accelerate your productivity.

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Want to be more productive?

Get support and personalized feedback to help you take your agile coaching practice to the next level.

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Are you solving the right problem?

Identify your core values and goals, uncover your obstacles and create a strategy to move forward.

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Where do you want to go?

We help you master time so that you can be more productive. Learn from experienced practitioners and grow your agile toolset in a safe space. Get the support and feedback you need, when you need it to take your career to the next level.

The recipe is simple.

We empower individuals and teams through conversations and collaborative workshops.

  • 01.

    A journey of a thousand miles starts with taking the first step.
    Book a free, no obligation session to get a different perspective and guidance on possible next steps related to your most pressing problem while you assess whether this is what you're looking for or not.

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  • 02.

    When you're ready to commit, book a focused goal setting workshop to collaboratively and positively define success. Merging Appreciative Inquiry with OKRs', we define an inspiring first goal based on purpose and the top three key results to help you move towards your goal.

    Clarify and set goals

  • 03.

    Don't get stuck again. Stay focused on the goal with regular check-in's to keep the momentum going. This is a session just for you to ask for advice, get feedback, or run through different scenarios to build confidence and prepare better.

    Stay focused with check-in's

  • 04.

    Solve the right problem and get the outcomes you want with a bespoke workshop, and learn while you do. Co-design a focused 90 minute workshop where you are provided with a rough framework, and then guided through the design process.

    Go deeper

  • 05.

    No more boring workshops.
    Get a richer, more engaging experience with a collaborative guest workshop. We co-design and co-facilitate a workshop unique for your team and your organization.

    Enrich the experience

Whatever you need, there is a plan for you.

Our pricing is flexible.
Pay a set fee or choose to pay a performance based bonus.


For individuals getting started

  • Monthly group 2 - 3 hr co-learning workshop
  • Private group chat


Limited space available

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For startups & regulars

  • Define measurable goals & outcomes (OKR's)
  • Weekly team goal setting sessions
  • Regular check-in's
  • Monthly workshop of your choice

€1, 200 pm

Per month & 20% discount on add-ons
Maximum 15 hours per week

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For explorers

  • Briefing session
  • Custom workshop design
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Debrief


Per 90 minute workshop

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Crypto and international bank transfers accepted.
Performance bonus and terms are agreed upon at the start of month-to-month engagements based on current performance and improvement goals.

A body in motion stays in motion.

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