Build the product right.

Building the right product is the first step.  Also build the product right with organizational process improvement initiatives.

Less is more.

Find your bottlenecks and clear out the clutter to do more with less, enabling you to respond to change faster.

What is agile coaching?

Sports teams have coaches to help them be better.  An agile coach serves as sports coach for organizations to help them deliver faster, better, more.

Agile coaching provides temporary (or permanent) guidance to a team to help them be more effective, efficient, and respond faster to change while delivery value consistently.  

The primary goal of an agile coach is to make teams awesome and create products and services that customers love. 

We believe in small changes to get maximum long term benefits. Start small and cultivate a culture of curiosity and continuous improvement.


Focus on value delivery

Starting with why, agile coaching helps your organization identify and focus on value delivery.  Build the right product, right. 

Process improvement

Taking small steps to make the change more comfortable, agile coaching helps your teams see waste and eliminate it proactively, allowing you to deliver faster.

People focused

Agile coaching enables teams to do their best work, giving them a voice and utilizing each person's unique gifts.  The goal is to create a harmonious and well functioning team.

Want to put the fun back into efficiency?

Identify the problem and we'll collaborate on solutions while improving team dynamics.

Agile audit

We believe each team is unique.   What worked for others might not work for you. If you're unsure about what you need, an agile audit helps point you in the right direction before you invest in the wrong role or tool.

Process improvement

Invest in your people, not fancy tools. As an ongoing role within your organization, we facilitate Scrum ceremonies, agile methods and lean processes to help create a culture of kaizen

Custom workshop

Applying gamethinking and design thinking techniques, we design a custom workshop tailored to your specific needs. The interactive workshop is a once-off play-date to facilitate a specific solution discovery or skills development like improvement kata or bodystorming.

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Based in Cape Town, we work with teams globally.  Schedule a free 30 minute introductory call or send us a message to find out how we can collaborate. 


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Accelerating productivity by focusing on the fun and the human aspect, we help teams globally to build the right thing, right.

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