Money is not the only currency.


Driven by a desire to create more happy and productive workplaces, our pricing is simple, affordable and accessible.

Values drive pricing


If you're spending the majority of your time at work, why not enjoy it?
"What makes you happy?"  is the question that gets me out of bed each day. 


Everyone is unique, like a fingerprint or a puzzle piece.

Our goal is to include everyone, regardless of geographic location, industry, or financial means.


Happy people do good work. 

If it's not fun for us, we're not giving our best.  If it's not fun for you, we're doing it wrong.
Communication is key.

Pay what feels right

To support the values above, each engagement is unique according to your geographic location, current organizational stage and means.  Book a call to discuss your need, then make an initial offer aligned with what you usually pay a consultant or project manager within your team. 

On acceptance, we'll schedule an initial session to set expectations and define more clearly what success will look like.    All pricing in the booking page is only a guide. 

Happy with the outcome?  A voluntary performance bonus is a great way to indicate appreciation and give feedback on value provided.   Or buy me a coffee.

Ready to play?

Based in Cape Town, working with teams globally.  Schedule a no-obligation time slot and let's see how we can collaborate. 



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Based in Cape Town, we help teams globally accelerate productivity by focusing on the human aspect to build the right thing, right.
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