Everything you do is to feel a specific way.  Money is not the only currency.


Driven by a desire to create more happy and productive workplaces, our pricing is simple and affordable to include everyone.

Values that drive pricing.


If you're spending the majority of your time at work, why not enjoy it?
"What makes you happy?"  is the question that gets me out of bed each day. 


Everyone is unique, like a fingerprint or a puzzle piece.

Our goal is to include everyone, regardless of geographic location, industry, or financial means.


Happy people do good work. 

If it's not fun for us, we're not giving our best.  If it's not fun for you, we're doing it wrong.

Communication is key.

Pay what feels right

To support the values above, each engagement is unique according to your geographic location, current organizational stage and means.  Book a call to discuss your need, then make an initial offer aligned with what you usually pay a consultant or project manager within your team. 

On acceptance, we'll schedule an initial session to set expectations and define more clearly what success will look like.    All pricing in the booking page is only a guide. 

Happy with the outcome?  A voluntary performance bonus is a great way to indicate appreciation and give feedback on value provided.   Or buy me a coffee.

Design sprints | What to expect

Breathe some fresh air into stale teams with a play-date.

Design is all about moving from fuzzy dreams and ideas to concrete action steps and prototypes.  Design sprints are ideal for startups and UX design teams to help them through the design process with a new set of tools and methods for practicing and applying different thinking styles. 

It is also useful as a 3 - 4 hour workshop for teams to come up with fresh ideas for old problems or have some productive fun with a play-date to validate a system mob-style or an appreciative inquiry workshop.

Productivity is the art of playful design.

Play your way to productivity.

Each design workshop or engagement is unique according to your needs. To start off with we'll schedule some time to more clearly define the topic or problem.  I'll design a workshop just for you and when you're ready, let's play.

A typical workshop is at least 90 minutes, ideally 3 - 4 hours to allow movement towards action.  It starts with a warmer, followed by the design thinking process first diverging, then converging into a focus area and end with actionable items and success criteria.

Agile Coaching | What to expect

Shape your team's future with positive inquiry and custom solutions.

Each person, team and organization is different and have different needs.  Our primary role is to identify and fulfill the most important need so that we can empower you to drive positive organizational change. 

Once expectations have been agreed upon, an initial 3 month engagement is enough to resolve the most important bottlenecks and introduce and instill positive change initiatives.  During these 3 months expect to go through all the stages of team formation - forming, storming, norming and ending with performing.  We introduce small changes regularly and grow the people to ensure a smooth transformation.

Safety first, the first goal is to identify the core issues and create safety. During this phase work is visualized with no major changes. Each team member's unique motivators and core strengths are identified and the workload starts to be cleared out little by little.

A willingness to change is key to success.

You can't get to performing without going through storming

It probably won't be much fun until we haven't talked about the elephant in the room and addressed team dysfunctions. The storming phase is essential to create harmony and ensure each person is in the right role to bring out the best in him or her.  During this stage we'll create a safe space to talk about what stops you from being productive and happy.  We'll start implementing actions and tools to alleviate stressors as well as introduce generative and relaxing activities.

After the storm comes the calm with the norming stage of team formation.  We instill positive change tools to help you leverage your most valuable assets - namely your ability to think.  With different activities and methods to develop and practice different thinking styles and create a culture of learning and innovation.  Habit building is key during this stage, still following the small, positive changes more regularly approach rather than one big change periodically.

Finally, during the performing stage we introduce more playful methods to really accelerate team performance and problem solving.  In collaboration with the stakeholders we identify goals and methods and implement reward systems that support the organization. 

During this last phase we start tapering down our involvement to hand back the power that was given to us.  It's up to you whether you want to continue a period check-in, further workshops or less frequent coaching sessions. 

A standard maintenance package of 1 or 2 days per week is ideal for teams ready for play or more mature teams. 

Coaching | What to expect

Grow your most valuable asset.

When you invest time to develop the people wonderful things start to happen.  Where team coaching and agile coaching focus on the dynamics within the team, personal coaching focus on mining for the gold within you.  

The goal is to uncover your joy and help you be the best version of yourself through a series of sessions where you can work on any issue blocking you from reaching higher levels.

For change to stick it has to be voluntary.

You're the master of your ship

You're in control. You decide how much, how frequent, when and what to talk about. I'm merely a soundboard and mirror to help you see alternatives and overcome obstacles.  There's no contractual obligations.  When you need a session, you book one.

You can expect leading questions and prompts to help you see different perspectives.  You can expect no judgment and no right or wrong thing to say or do.  You can expect practical tools as well as direct and honest feedback (without judgment). 

My goal is to mine for gold, which means we have to remove a lot of dirt.  You can  expect to be triggered periodically. A trigger is a sign that you're ready to change a belief.  But you don't have to.  It's up to you what you do with a trigger - either work with it, or walk away. If you're ready to face the obstacles and emotional blocks I'm here to help you process it and find the meaning behind it.  If not, don't force it.  Accept where you are.

Remember, no judgment.

Ready to play?

Based in Cape Town, we work with teams globally.  Schedule a no-obligation time slot and let's see how we can collaborate. 


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