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Think better

Improve decision making by practicing parallel thinking with De Bono's 6 Thinking Hats.

Ever been in a never-ending meeting where everyone wants to add their 10 cents with no decisions being made?  Edward De Bono's 6 Thinking Hats is a tried and tested method to add structure to a meeting and align everyone's thinking goals.

Parallel thinking focuses on only a single aspect of the topic under discussion at a time without offending people.  It improves focus and shortens decision making while ensuring a more complete perspective than just talking without a structure.

Print out the cards and use the back of each card to make notes as the meeting progresses.

Start with the blue hat to determine the goal of the meeting, then pick any color and spend the next few minutes only talking about this color's topic before moving onto the next.  At the end of the meeting, go back to blue to determine whether the goal was met and what the next steps should be.

  • Reduce meeting times with up to 75%.
  • Faster decisions with more aligned goals.
  • Improve focus and remove politics.
  • Balance perspectives with systematic approach.

Collaborate better

Align teams and inspire positive change with an Appreciative Inquiry starter kit.

Ever felt you keep hearing the same problems sprint after sprint with no action?  Or maybe you're tired of everyone blaming someone else for things not changing?

Appreciative Inquiry is based on positive psychology and dialogic change methods and build the strengths of a team to make weaknesses obsolete.  Retrospectives often focus on the problems and what's wrong.  Turn the tables around and see teams flourish by focusing on strengths and skills they already have.

Funficient appreciative inquiry

Download and use the presentation as is, or as template to create your own.  It contains a very short summary of the principles, followed by a generic topic and questions to follow.

Improve morale and increase creativity and collaboration with this simple, but extremely powerful tool.

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