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Where do you want to go?

Learn to master time. Grow your agile toolset in a safe space and get the support you need when you need it to take your career to the next level.

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Are you solving the right problem?

Identify your core values and goals, uncover your obstacles and create a strategy to move forward.

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Work better, together.

Bring out the magic with cross-functional whole-team workshops and accelerate your productivity.

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Want to be more productive?

Get support and personalized feedback to help you take your career to the next level.

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The process is simple.

Become empowered through conversations and collaborative workshops.

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    Start the conversation

    Start the conversation by booking a free, no obligation session.

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    Set goals

    Ready to commit? Choose either a weekly or monthly commitment and let's define success in a goal setting workshop.

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    Stay focused

    Stay focused on the goal with regular check-in's to keep the momentum going.

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    Go deeper

    Solve the right problem to get the outcomes you want with co-designed or co-facilitated custom workshops and personal coaching.

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    Celebrate success

    Look back at outcomes and celebrate success. Either end the journey or set a new goal and start again.

Whatever you need, there is a plan for you.

Pricing is flexible.
Pay a set fee or choose to pay a performance based bonus.


For explorers

Not ready to commit yet?

Pick a workshop or request a custom one and try out a new tool:

  • A briefing session
  • Custom workshop design or consulting session
  • Facilitation or co-facilitation
  • Debrief


For individuals

Want to gain confidence?

A minimum 3 month commitment to help you reach your goals, based on your specific needs.

  • 20 minute goal setting weekly
  • 90 minute coaching and / or mentoring session
  • Regular check-in's


For startups and teams

Ready to commit?

Get continued support as long as you need.

  • Dedicated 2 - 3 days weekly
  • Define measurable goals & outcomes
  • Roadmap clarification and alignment
  • Product research & design (discovery)
  • Product planning
  • Project management
  • Coaching (either peer or one-on-one)

Crypto and international bank transfers accepted.
Performance bonus and terms are agreed upon at the start of month-to-month engagements based on current performance and improvement goals.

A body in motion stays in motion.

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