Build the right product & build it right.

Improve team dynamics to create learning organizations that solve the right problems and build it first time right. 

Together is better.

It's not what you do, but how you do it. Find better ways to do old things, together.

funficient team goal


Define what success looks like.  Where do you want to go? 

Working closely with all the stakeholders involved, we clarify the goal and values that drive decisions. We assess the current team dynamics, processes and tools in place to find the win-win for all.

Design the product right


Make sure you solve the right problem early.  Working closely with the Product Owner or design team, we integrate design thinking into all your teams.  With gamestorming and process modeling workshops we help you design systems with a strong learning loop to ensure customer retention and value. 

We then create a product roadmap with clearly defined next steps within context.

funficient build


Make sure your developers only build the most important building blocks.  We help you identify the next most important parts and create self-organizing teams (or mobs) to build it following XP best practices such as TDD and pair or mob programming, all integrated with short feedback loops to design and a continuous drive to reduce work clutter.

funficient teams learn


Celebrate successes and strengthen what is already strong.  Look back and re-evaluate the hypothesis and goals. 

How well did we do?  What did you learn?  What is the most important thing to learn next?  What do you need to succeed next time?

What do you need?

Design workshop facilitation

For design teams, we can help you bridge business analysis, marketing and UX roles into strong product ownership. 

We design and facilitate engaging workshops to clarify the problem and prototype solutions with a strong learning loop.  You end with a road map and user stories or jobs to be done, ready for the developers to build.

Agile team coaching

For development teams and supporting functions, we can help you bring cross-functional teams together into strong, coherent teams that's aligned towards a shared vision.

We identify bottlenecks and give you the tools to be more productive.  You are left with happy, productive whole teams that is ready to change the world.

Project or product management

For team leaders, we can help you reduce the clutter and focus on what's really important. Saving you time, while improving the results.  

We make sure you're measuring the right things and introduce lean tools and techniques to help you respond to change and plan just enough to deliver on-time, every time. 

What to expect


Design workshops

Breathe some fresh air into stale teams or processes with a play-date.
Productivity is the art of playful design.

Design is all about moving from fuzzy dreams and ideas to concrete action steps and prototypes. Design workshops are ideal for startups and UX design teams to help you through the design process with a new set of tools and methods for practicing and applying different thinking styles.

It is also useful as a team workshop to come up with fresh ideas for old problems or have some productive fun with a play-date to validate a system mob-style or an appreciative inquiry workshop.

A typical workshop is at least 90 minutes, ideally 3 - 4 hours to allow movement towards action.  Each workshop is unique according to your needs. We'll schedule some time to more clearly define the topic or problem. I'll design a workshop just and when you're ready, let's play.  


Agile team coaching

Shape your team's future with appreciative inquiry and lean process improvement.
Agility is the art of mastering the question. 

Keep asking.
Keep learning.
Keep evolving. 

One, small step at a time.

Each person, team and organization is different and have different needs. Our primary role is to identify and fulfill the most important needs to empower you to drive positive organizational change internal to your organization.

Once expectations have been agreed upon, an initial 3 month engagement will introduce and instill a process of positive change going forward. Expect to go through all the stages of team formation - forming, storming, norming and ending with performing.

We introduce small changes regularly and grow the people to ensure a smooth transformation.  The first goal is to establish trust and safety. During this phase work is observed and visualized with no major changes. Each team member's unique motivators and core strengths are identified and the workload starts to be cleared out little by little.

It probably won't be much fun until we haven't talked about the elephant in the room. The storming phase is essential to create long lasting harmony. During this stage we'll create a safe space to talk about what stops you from being productive and happy. We'll start implementing tools to alleviate stressors as well as generative activities.

After the storm comes the calm with the norming stage. We instill positive change tools to help you leverage your most valuable assets - namely your ability to think. With different activities and methods to develop and practice different thinking styles and create a culture of learning and innovation. Habit building is key during this stage, still following the small, positive changes more regularly approach rather than one big change periodically.

Finally, during the performing stage we introduce more playful methods to really accelerate team performance and problem solving in complex or chaotic environments. In collaboration with the stakeholders we identify goals and methods and implement reward systems to support it.

During this last phase we start tapering down our involvement.  It's up to you whether you want to continue a periodic check-in, further workshops or less frequent coaching sessions.

A standard maintenance package of 1 or 2 days per week is ideal for teams ready for play or more mature teams. 


Project & Product Management

The only way to truly understand your challenges are to feel it.
Make change productive by integrating consulting & coaching into a productive role.

The fastest way to implement change is to get a first-hand experience of your current challenges as part of a team.  Similar to agile coaching, but with more hands-on involvement in strategy, planning and risk management, project and product management gives you the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective, without the added cost of an outside consultant or coach.

Identify a successor and give me the most problematic project to run with. During the project I'll work closely with this successor in a peer-coaching relationship to understand your problem better while sharing how and when to use which tools. 

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