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An ideation workshop to make sure you are solving the right problem.

Image of the Miro board for the workshop


A workshop to identify the current pain points and user needs, followed by a brainstorm to come up with possible ideas. The purpose of the workshop is to explore possibilities and to focus on finding the right problem to solve. This workshop is designed to initiate a thinking process and open up to possible ideas about a desired future state.


Do you need a fresh perspective to an existing problem?

Are you overwhelmed and not sure where to put your focus?


Define a topic to explore and articulate as a 2 - 5 word sentence, for example "Tomorrow's social media".


Best for 3 - 5 people that include representative users, customers and designers.


This 2 hour workshop starts by identifying the core problems experienced when attempting to reach the desired outcome before brainstorming imaginative and wild possible ideas to solve the most pressing pain point. It is intended to open up possibility and thinking as a first phase of ideation. At the end of the workshop, you will have identified possible areas to explore to focus the design on the most valuable pain point.

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