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Product values.

A group coaching workshop to clarify the goal and elicit values for more alignment.


A group coaching session to visualize the goal and elicit the most important values. The purpose of the workshop is to define an aligned product vision that will serve as true north. Based on an NLP process for deep integration, this workshop will ensure you have a strong foundation.


Are you looking for alignment? Do you want a purpose driven product?

Are you unsure about what your vision is and what the most important focus points are?


Spend a few minutes to think about what your vision for the product is.


Best for 3 - 5 people that include the product lead and key representatives from the other functions like engineering, finance, marketing etc.


This 2 hour workshop starts by gathering insights on what customers love most about your product. Next, the product lead will be guided through a 6 level process to first define and then align a purpose driven product. At the end of the workshop, you will have identified the driving values, the most needed skills and capabilities as well as the key user behaviors that will form the heart of your product and the most important hypothesis defining what you want to learn with the first MVP.

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