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creating high-performance teams through productive play


Aiming to create happier, healthier, more human workplaces.


One-on-one or team coaching sessions to help you and your team discover and reach your goals, while giving you practical tools to help you grow individually or as a team.  I genuinely care that each person in the team is happy and reach full potential.

Visual Facilitation

A picture speaks a thousand words.  Through visual facilitation, I help align different divisions and teams, clarify misunderstandings, and ensure a complete solution, eliminating any gaps or overlaps.

User Experience Design

A detailed usability evaluation of your current product- or service offering or a brand new user experience design tailored to your unique team skills, resources and desires. I thrive when presented with constraints.

Innovation Workshops

I help you find fresh ideas to old problems in fun creative thinking workshops, teaching creative thinking tools and techniques in context for you to be empowered to innovate when needed while being productive.

Agile & Teal Transformations

Whether you're new to agile or just looking to get to the next level, I facilitate agile mindset adoption while teaching you how to make work fun through productive play.

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Leadership Development

I help you get in touch with your inner guru and develop your latent leadership potential through conversations, powerful questions and mindset challenges.  I teach the values of trust, respect and responsibility and help improve your communication skllls.

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I'm a freelance happiness and transformation coach and love working with startups, individuals and companies who are fueled with passion and a desire to change the world. Complete the form below to find out how I can help you.

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