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Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take a step.

Naeem Callaway

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I'm Kate...

I care. About my happiness as well as yours.

There's an old saying that rings very true to me and it goes like this: "A man without purpose seeks pleasure." I used to seek pleasure until one day I finally realized that nothing externally can fill the hole in my soul. That was the day I decided to go within rather than keep searching outside.

The journey was long and hard. It asked me to admit to my own weaknesses and limiting beliefs, and then came the even harder work of changing these beliefs.

Bit by bit I untangled myself to discover my purpose and with that my joy. Now I'm ready to help others find their purpose and their joy. Are you ready for success? My only goal is to help you move closer to the things that make you happy. I want you to succeed.

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Why coaching?

"Building awareness, responsibility, and self-believe is the goal of a coach." - Sir John Whitmore

Coaching is the art of unlocking human potential. Through a series of questions, the coach guides the coachee to go from confusion, frustration, or hopelessness towards clarity, action and motivation. Coaching is a tried and tested method to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Coaching provides a safe space where individuals can be led through a transformational process to unlock and develop their full potential. The outcome is more confidence, better decision making, and ultimately a better quality of life.

Coaching is not therapy and it is not consultation. The coach doesn't need to know any detail of a given event or go back to traumatic event in your past, and the coach will never advise you on what to do, unless with your consent.

The primary role of the coach is to provide a pscyhological safe space for personal development. Any certified coach adheres to strict confidentiality standards. The coach is your objective accountability partner who's primary goal is to help you succeed.

What are the benefits?

According to the CIPD, a professional body for HR and people development, coaching in the workplace is used by 78% of employers to improve organizational performance. 27% find it is an effective tool for career planning and personal development, 26% use it to grow future senior staff, while 24% uses it to foster a culture of learning and development.

While the tangible benefits of coaching is still hard to measure, people with coaching compared to those without coaching are more confident and better decision makers, which is beneficial for both the employee and the employer. Coaching and mentoring helps newcomers become proficient in their roles faster and and retention rate is on average 20% higher.

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What do you really want?

Get clear on your goal and manifest the life you really want, because if you can articulate it, you can achieve it.

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Do you want to grow trust?

Increase trust by increasing personal alignment between what you think, feel, say, and do.

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Need to believe in yourself?

Break old habits and change limiting beliefs to step into the life you truly want.

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