New Possibilities

The story of funficient and a vision for teal workplaces.


To create high performing, happy teams that build awesome products and services that contribute to positive change in the world.

How funficient was born.

Tired of leaving my soul at the door in the name of professionalism each time I clocked in for work, and sick of meetings for the sake of meetings to satisfy a manager's insecurity, I yearned for fun and meaning in the work that I do.  I yearned to think more, do more, be more.

Remembering my first job at a startup where we spent more time chatting and playing than doing actual work, yet being more productive than the highly controlled and structured workplaces today in large corporations, I knew that fun was the secret missing ingredient to productivity and strong teams. 

A journey to put the fun back into efficiency lead me across the globe in search of productive, innovative and happy teams.

Teal principles

Movement matters
Principle #1

We inject movement everywhere to ensure fresh thinking and engagement - both physical and movement in process and deliverables.

Zero hierarchy
Principle #2

No two people are exactly the same, but everyone on the team are equally valuable.  If not, we'll find another project or invite you to initiate your own.

Learn something
Principle #3

Everything is possible.  Always be curious.  Learn something outside your comfort zone to build brain agility and get comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

Relationships first
Principle #4

Software development is a team sport.  Maintaining healthy relationships are more important than being a sole genius in the corner.  

No judgment
Principle #5

Nothing's off the table for discussion and no idea is bad.  Express your individuality and include others without judgment. 

Principle #6

If everyone doesn't win, everyone loses in the end.  Negotiate, don't compromise.  Focus on similarities and mutual goals.

Want to take your team to the next level?

Teal time at funficient

Time for teal

Where agile and lean focus on process efficiency, teal adds another dimension to focus on the human aspect and organizations as an ecosystem.

Teal is the next level in organizational development.  Some more major differences compared to the majority of organizations running Scrum are that it replaces management with coaching, it introduces conflict resolution processes and decentralize decision making to team level.

Read more about teal organizations here.


Accelerating productivity by focusing on the fun and the human aspect, we help teams globally to build the right thing, right.

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