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If you don't know where you want to go, then it doesn't matter which path you take.

- Alice in Wonderland

What's your essence?

What is the heart of your product?

Do you regularly have to do post-production rework or have difficulty navigating complicated solutions? Do you struggle with conflicting priorities and setting goals?

It's hard to prioritize when you're not clear on the core system and feedback loops.

A product review (teardown) takes a critical look at your entire system from a systems thinking and usability perspective. It identifies your unique value proposition, your strengths, and what's missing.

Using the Game Thinking framework I identify your product's core systems diagram and main feedback loop. The result is a contextual map that helps you navigate complex systems and create coherent systems rather than feature factories.

Product reviews in action

Take a look at some sample teardowns below.

Frontend Mentor

A community platform to support new front-end coders while standardizing skill quality.

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A project management tool that believes good project management is good communication.

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Zombies Run!

An alternate reality game that helps you get fit by running away from zombies.

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ADP List

A community platform to democratizes design mentoring.

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