Accelerate your productivity with playful design.

Guiding you on your agile and teal transformation journeys.  Helping you create high performing and awesome teams.

What do you need?

Start with why.  Leave the how to us.
a quick fix
Directions | Which way do I go?

You're out of ideas and need results fast!  Not quite ready for big change though, you are looking for a fresh perspective and a short term solution while you catch your breath. 

a longterm strategy
Itenerary | What do you recommend?

You're serious about change but want to stay in control.  You're looking for a long term teal or agile transformation strategy and roadmap and need a guide.

a personal upgrade
Guidance | How can I improve?

You're good, but want to be a little more you, a slightly better version of you now. You're looking for a safe haven where you can ask for help, explore your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Are you ready to take your team to the next level?

What we do

Design sprints

Unleash your creativity with custom workshops and play dates to identify collaborative solutions, or validate a hypothesis before you build the wrong thing.

Process improvement

Using lean- and agile methods, game thinking and play, we improve organizational flow for more engaged and productive teams.


Unlock you and your team's full potential with one-on-one, peer- and team-coaching sessions to improve team dynamics and success.

Do you want a more engaged and productive team?

How we do it

A body in motion stays in motion.  The secret is getting everyone moving in the right direction. Together.


Define value

Where would you like to go? Every successful journey starts with the end in mind.  We map out what success looks like and evaluate team dynamics.


Go for flow

A journey of 1, 000 miles starts with a single step. We create movement and chase the bottleneck until there's sufficient equilibrium and flow.


Scale Up

The ripple effect of change.  Once one team is sustainably productive, we organically scale up to other teams, suppliers and customers.

What you get

Small changes continuously

Tailored to your organization

Increased creativity

Increased collaboration

Motivated and aligned teams

Ready to play your way to productivity?

Contact us

Based in Cape Town, we work with teams globally.  Schedule a free 30 minute introductory call or send us a message to find out how we can collaborate.


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Cape Town city centre, South Africa

Payment options

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Want to put back the fun into efficiency?

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